Expect Swans to target gun Pie, Chris Scott’s ‘big concession’

IN TODAY’S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nathan Schmook join all the dots on football’s big issues.


– How Geelong ‘looked old’ in that prelim
– ‘The prelim finals losses are mounting’ for Chris Scott
– Scott says: ‘At our worst, flicking the switch (from offence to defence) hasn’t been good enough’
– Why the Cats can improve: ‘Mindset change, fit players, different outlook’ 
– ‘I just don’t have any concerns’ for the Bulldogs despite having 10 free agents
– Will the Swans target this free agent Pie? They had a ‘massive crack at him last time … 
– The Tiger who ‘would certainly appeal to 17 other footy clubs’

In this episode …

0:00 – Damian Barrett sits down with Chris Scott

1:33 – Chris Scott’s eyes remain on another flag

3:18 – Will Geelong’s new coaching group shake up their game plan? 

6:06 – Chris Scott calls Joel Selwood ‘the best captain in the comp’

8:37 – Damo expects the Bulldogs to retain their many free agents

10:40 – Some of the players of interest whose signatures will be key

13:05 – Ben King goes down at training

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