Have Newcastle hit rock bottom?

After an amazing win over Gold Coast, Newcastle played at home on Friday against a State of Origin-affected South Sydney team.

Newcastle had three of their own players out, losing 40-28.

Despite the loss, Newcastle never gave up but this is a point in the season in which we need to win way more than lose.

Both teams played well but South Sydney were better and deserved to win.

After South Sydney scored the opening try, Newcastle fired back with three quick tries of their own and I would congratulate David Klemmer on finally scoring in Knights colours.

The fans roared for him loudly for that.

While up by 10, Newcastle managed to force a goal line drop out for South Sydney. The Knights had to do one simple thing: make sure they get the ball.

Sadly, not only did Newcastle fail to do so, they conceded a penalty in which we saw South Sydney score quickly twice. Then, Newcastle let in a shocking half time try that shouldn’t have happened.

If Newcastle didn’t let South Sydney get the ball off the drop out, the Knights would have won 28-20. Unfortunately, this is reality and the 40-28 loss is in the history books.

Newcastle need to get every single thing right every game and failure to do so will see us unable to win. That drop out was the turning point.

It’s now got to the point where the finals look more like a mathematical chance – and that sucks.

I can understand what the long term plan from Adam O’Brien is and that’s to bring the winning culture to the club. It’s going to take longer to flush the logic of rebuilding out of the juniors.

They need to be instilled with the mind of winning.

I think us fans should take some responsibility. I do see some online experts with the usual sack the coach bullshit, but I would like to see how they would do in the hot seat.

The fans need to encourage our boys not just to play but also to win. Win for the town and win for the fans. We are the most passionate fans in the competition, we are crazy about our team and we always turn up because we love our team.

Our players need to keep the foot on the pedal for the full 80 minutes.

We took our foot off the pedal, South Sydney took advantage of that and we lost. We can’t stop once we’re rolling.

We got to keep going until the damn game is over and we win. That’s what we need to do every game.

I’m proud we didn’t quit but I’m pretty pissed off we blew it. We let South Sydney take control and we did fight but as I said, we took the foot off the pedal.

However, before I finish, I would love to add its great for Jayden Brailey to be back. We played a faster game of football when we was on.

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