This club’s in a ‘world of hurt’, the Pie you want by your side

IN TODAY’S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nathan Schmook join all the dots on football’s big issues.


– ‘Every single week there’s another bad news story relating to the Eagles’
– Campbell Chesser was looking good before injury: ‘Almost a certainty to have that wing role in round one’
– Damo’s fears for Josh Kennedy
– The Pie ‘you do want to play alongside…I love everything he brings to the club’ 
– ‘A significant development’ new stadium in Hobart
– ‘I’ve really embraced the rolling fixture’

In this episode … 

0:00 – ‘The injuries are getting right on top of West Coast’

3:41 – West Coast’s new gameplan may take time

4:55 – Why Adam Simpson should use this season to reset

5:47 – The round one bolter not even on the Eagles’ list yet

8:02 – Brayden Maynard’s leadership aspirations

10:24 – A new stadium in Hobart

11:50 – How long a Tasmanian team would take to create

13:31­­ – The merits of the rolling fixture

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