What will be the big stories of 2022?

IN TODAY’S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Josh Gabelich join all the dots on football’s big issues.


>> Damo expects Clarko to return to the coaching ranks: ‘He will go stir-crazy this year’ 
>> Will there be a Tassie team? It requires 14 clubs out of 18 to vote YES for the team to exist
>> Buddy’s contract: ‘It was laughed at that he could get into a ninth season: well he’s about to play match No.1 in that ninth season’. Will there be a 10th?
>> It might still be 2,3,4 years away before this former No.1 pick ‘absolutely hits his straps’
>> Will we see a ‘fairytale re-emergence’ of Paddy McCartin? It’s possible

In this episode …

0.00 – The storylines that we’re expecting to unfold throughout 2022

1.30 – The 19th licence, will it go to Tassie? 

3.40 – The expectation is that Clarko is back coaching in 2023

5.20 – Gill McLachlan will continue in the CEO role beyond this year

7.00 – Buddy Franklin is likely to play a 10th season

8.40 – What will happen with Jamarra Ugle-Hagan this year? 

11.50 – Jordan De Goey has to make the storylines positive this year

14.20 – Who are the bolters for round one after the unofficial practice games? 


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